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Let's All Tip Double

Let's make it a better day for those in the tip economy devastated by COVID-19.

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Together We Can Make a Difference

#ITipDouble is a grassroots cause that helps restaurant servers, and everyone in the tip economy, who are in such dire need as a result of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. We're just concerned people who care, and have no formal affiliation with the restaurant industry.

Servers everywhere collectively bring us so much joy because they literally “set the table” for the gatherings of friends, families and coworkers that bring us so many great life memories.

But this pandemic has completely shattered their livelihoods. Nothing like this has ever happened to us, or them. Restaurants and the whole service industry make up the largest small business sector in the United States. And this entire sector has been largely shut down. This would have been ABSOLUTELY UNIMAGINABLE in our wildest dreams as a modern culture just a year ago. Just imagine the devastation this is causing so many lives. 

But by standing together and doing just one simple thing, we all can recover and be stronger than ever!

We will truly, collectively, feel better by helping restaurant servers, hair salons, coffee shops and the whole service industry get back on its feet. They all need our help, so that we can all get our lives back to normal.

Our diversity and our generosity are our strengths. Love is our superpower. Let's whip this pandemic together ... let's do this with love, and let's make it fun!

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Taking Part is Simple and Powerful.
Do these Three Things...

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1. Double Your Normal Tip and write #ITipDouble on your check

Every time you go to a restaurant, when you get the check, simply double the size of your tip. Examples:

If you normally tip 15%, tip 30% instead

If you normally tip 20%, tip 40% instead

Then write: #ITipDouble on the bottom of the check

2. Tell your family, friends and neighbors

Encourage everyone to do the same. (By the way, if doubling the tip is just too much for some, suggest they simply add one extra dollar to their normal tip. Every bit helps. And if they can do more, (and they know who they are 😊) suggest taking the total amount of the bill and putting that amount on the tip line, to double the WHOLE bill)

3. Share #ITipDouble via email and on Social Media 

Share with everyone about this amazing new movement to help servers, and our whole tip economy, and how people can get involved.

And always remember to use the hashtag #ITipDouble

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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

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What about other people, besides servers, who need help? Is this program for them too?

Absolutely. The list goes on and on. A huge percentage of the people in our country relies on tips for the personal service they provide. Barbers and stylists, drivers, valet attendants, massage therapists, nail salons, bag handlers, coffee shops. Almost all of them have lost their income through this pandemic. Bless them all, and tip double.

How can I help even before I can go eat at restaurants. Almost all the restaurants are closed?

So many restaurants are actually open for takeout business now! Don’t wait. Start tipping double today. IMPORTANT: Remember to write #ITipDouble at the bottom of the receipt every time. That’s the way the word can get out. Plus, you can take a photo of the receipt and share it with the people you know! They’ll love what you did, and they’ll want to do it too.

How long do I do this?

This holiday season, and through June 2021.

How do I calculate such a big tip? It’s always been hard to figure it out on the spot when I’m at a restaurant.

Good news - there are two super easy ways to calculate a tip, and it'll be worth doing, because you'll feel great that you’ve done a really good thing for someone in genuinely great need!

Method 1: Here’s the easy way to do it in your head. Say the bill is $60. To do a quick calculation in your head: 

  • First, calculate 10%. That’s easy. You just remove the zero. So $60 becomes $6. In other words 10% of $60 is $6. That’s an easy one!

  • Then, to make the tip a 40% tip, just multiple the $6 times 4. That’s $24.

Method 2: Ask your phone! For example if you have an iPhone just say “Hey Siri, what’s 40% of $60?” Siri will display the answer.

Wait What!?

You’re thinking this is crazy. You’re recovering too. You got hit hard like everybody else. Who has the money to do this? And it’s true. It’s hard to give when you have your own needs and problems. And we’re all struggling because of this pandemic. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Maybe really thinking about what Winston Churchill said will help this whole thing seem not so crazy.

I’m so sorry. I’m struggling too and this is too much for me to do.

Totally understood. It’s a hard time for everyone. Do this instead: simply add one extra dollar to what would have been your normal tip. Every little bit helps. And giving that dollar will help you in incredible ways. Remember, what you GET is how you make a living, but what you GIVE is how you make a life. Trust a little bit. Add just one extra dollar to the tip, and you’ll see just how powerful that gesture will be in your life. It will change you. Being part of the solution will give you more confidence and certainty and less fear, to help you recover from your own difficulties.

I love this and want to do even more. How can I go above and beyond to support?

Thank you. This is indeed a big deal. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Double the whole bill (not the tip), then write #ITipDouble on the bottom of the check. You'll make someone's day and they'll share what happened, with many people. And that helps the whole cause

  2. Tell your local media

  3. Send an email to everyone you know.

  4. Take extra time to share share share on all your social media.

I love the theme song! What can I do with it?

A bunch of things!

  1. Share the song and/or the video with your friends and through social media

  2. Create and share your own cover with the Karaoke version

  3. Create and share a music video with the song! There's a simple example on this page.

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Tell us what you think!

And share your #ITipDouble Stories right here

Thanks for taking the time to share! We'll respond to as many submissions as we can!

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